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Lynda Simmons
Conversation Peace
Conversation Peace is a newsletter for the community, reflecting on the need for change, to include pieces and articles written by community members, at risk youth and young people, and other relevant individuals. It is intended to be informative, a forum to brainstorm ideas for safer community, showcase artistic works, gather resource information and give general encouragement to all who read it.

Conversation Peace will report on activities within the foundation, list on-going events, interview people within the community, highlight volunteers, report on crime from various points of view, support victims with specific articles, present opportunities for others to share personal stories, facilitate healing and support, address issues of grief, affects of crime and include biographical feature stories. It will generally give a voice to all who have something informative, encouraging and important to say on the subject of crime and the affects on our community.

It's an awareness project with the focus on living in the solution rather than dwelling on the problem. It's meant to promote unity and foster a sense of ownership in one's community. Created by real people looking for real answers and bringing about real results.

The eventual goal of Conversation Peace is to have the project evolve into a magazine format for publication.

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