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Lynda Simmons
Creative Recreation
Creative Recreation encompasses various activities and programs related to physical expression and exertion ranging from arts and crafts, sports, dance, theater arts, entertainment and plain old fun and games. Special activities are planned for groups with an emphasis on providing new experiences.

Creative Recreation classes provide opportunities for praise, facilitation of individual expression and teach coping skills that can be built upon and used in everyday life. Most arts and crafts projects are focused on a theme such as an upcoming holiday, special event or an item that can be given as a gift. Mother's Day gifts, Christmas gifts, Halloween Treats, etc. When the student makes something he or she can give to another this further increases the opportunity to feel good about oneself and creates an occasion to give which has it's own benefits.

In Creative Recreation students work together as well as independently; facilitating an atmosphere of cooperation, sharing, brainstorming and teamwork. Valuable character traits are being enforced, strengthened and in some cases taught. The environment sets the tone for mutual respect of each other, promotes appropriate boundaries and fosters positive skills for relationship building.

It's a place where restoration and transformation is taking place, often before the student realizes it. It creates a safe place that permits a person to let their guard down as they begin to discover who they are. Each individual's inner Self becomes involved in looking at their beliefs, patterns of thoughts, feelings, and values while pursuing an outlet through the creative process with a purpose of shaping their unique environment, activities and relationships.

Engaging in Creative Recreation implores benefits such as decreased anxiety and stress levels, lessoning of self-centered attitudes and raises one's spirits.

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