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Guidance Offering Accountable Life Skills
The G.O.A.L.S. program is implemented over a specific time frame, determined by the individual factors of the participating group. As it states in its title, the primary function of this program is to develop accountable life skills. The participant's physical, emotional and spiritual needs are addressed. This is achieved through various methods of facilitation, including educational, self-exploration, experiential and role-play. Participants learn the importance of setting goals, how to set appropriate goals and steps involved in accomplishing each goal. Emphasis is given to Short-term and Long-term goals.

The purpose of the class is to guide each student to see their selves more clearly, identify where they are at the present time and what they want in life. This sets the stage for taking an honest inventory of their selves, recognizing the need for change and learning how to engage in the process of change. The G.O.A.L.S. program helps a person to take control of their lives and become an active participant in their own destiny. It promotes personal accountability, discouraging blaming attitudes and victimization roles and empowers each individual to succeed in their personal life.

Benefits of the G.O.A.L.S. program are accurate self appraisal, increased individual motivation, identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, develop a clearer sense of values, builds character, improves critical thinking skills, promotes self reflection, teaches flexibility and encourages follow through. Most importantly it helps an individual to take full responsibility for their own actions, inspiring them to make good life choices and aspire to be better people. Relationship skills are enhanced and as a person's esteem rises, their ability to view their selves in relation to the world around them also improves.

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