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Lynda Simmons

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Welcome to our site
Our Goal is to improve the attitudes and capabilities of our at risk youth and young adults as well as
the public in general and to recruit the support of community members helping at risk youth an
young adults to become a contributing member of that community.

The Brian Eddie Foundation, Inc. promotes Restorative Justice; community and personal safety as
well as peace are at the core of the Restorative Justice philosophy. We believe that we all have
a responsibility to make our world and community less violent and a better place to live.

We envision a community taking a proactive stand on crime, advocating prevention measures
and seeking to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing crime and building a better, safer
place to live.

We are a 501 ( c ) (3), public charity organization; donations to the
Brian Eddie Foundation are tax deductible for the donor.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, browse the links to the left.

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