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Lynda Simmons

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Peace Pursuit Music Project
This project focuses on creating and performing music promoting peace in the streets. The project was born out of The Write Connection from students who became inspired through their writing and turned them into song lyrics.

The next logical step was to put the lyrics to beats, begin performing and finally recording the pieces as demos. Believing that music is the universal language, we seek to develop this project as a primary way to encourage social change within our community and beyond. The Peace Pursuit Project provides a platform to engage young people in working toward a solution to the problems in their own communities.

This is a community-building program that emphasizes the importance of strong moral values and improving on principles of personal integrity, honesty and mutual respect for life. Through the cathartic process of writing lyrics from personal experience and bringing the song to completion, the participant naturally begins to live in the solution as apposed to staying in the problems identified in their words.

The music project sets the stage for learning, incorporates job training, acts as a creative outlet, provides mentorship, builds leadership qualities, increases a young person's self esteem and facilitates workshops on music education.

The project seeks to develop an individual's talent and expose those who might not otherwise have a chance to discover all that they can be. Other benefits of the project include the development of employment skills, promotion of social skills, encourages self-exploration, character building and problem solving skills.

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