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Lynda Simmons

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Puzzle ‘Peaces’
Piecing together the victims who lost their life to violence in hopes others will come to the realization that we are all connected to one another.

Where's the Peace?
My hope is this project and our combined efforts will help to bring more awareness to a subject most find unpleasant and try to avoid. Violence is a problem in our communities, more specifically it is a social issue among our young people and there is a need to reach out and help to make a difference. One report on violence states young people ages 14-25 are among those most likely to lose their life to violence, citing homicide as the 2nd leading cause of death for this age group. Perhaps even more alarming is the statistics reporting the same age group is responsible for committing approximately 80% of such violent crimes. This is unacceptable and clearly there's a problem here. Something has to be done. It starts with awareness of the problem and then hopefully, together we can find a way to the solution.
~Lynda Simmons
Brian Eddie Foundation, Inc.
The Puzzle 'Peaces' project is an on-going public awareness project. It is a collection of large puzzle pieces, each one with information of a person who lost their life to violence. Interspersed with statistics of violence. All the pieces are connected, creating a large puzzle. It is designed to hang at events and public forums and put together in a way that allows it to grow with new pieces being added to the puzzle. Not only does this generate awareness of the problem to the community, but it also serves as an educational tool about violence, the justice system and the problems we face in our communities.

It is also a memorial to the victims, making them real and keeping their memories alive, rather than becoming a number among the devastating statistics. It serves as a comfort to the families of these victims, giving them a sense of empowerment and knowledge that their loved one did not die in vain. It brings a purpose to the senseless tragedies of violence.

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