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Lynda Simmons
Restitution Debt Program
This program is designed to help those in the legal system who have restitution fees they are responsible for as a part of their sentence. The goal of RDP is to assist these individuals in a way that supports their continued educational goals. Education is a priority and the emphasis is placed on this. The foundation secures odd jobs and solicits help from the professional/business community to provide participants with work opportunities that do not interrupt their educational goals. All participants must be pursuing some type of educational objective; i.e. high school, GED, vocational training, college, employment certification, etc.

This is a voluntary program, the participants are paid a set amount per hour and this is paid directly to the foundation who then pays it to the court for the individual. RDP's primary objective is to help the individual on probation focus on their education, making it a priority in their life without the added stress of concern over meeting their restitution obligation.

To date, 4 participants have earned money towards their restitution through the Restitution Debt Program resulting in over $1,000.00 being paid to the court. 3 of the 4 participants have earned their GED, 2 are planning to further their education and 1 is in training to become gainfully employed. Jobs provided have come from both private residents within the community and the professional sector.

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