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The Write Connection
The Write Connection is an on-going project that is administered through educational and creative techniques over the course of time on a regularly scheduled basis or may be conducted as a single workshop or group event. This project identifies writing as a unique and effective tool for coping skills and self-discovery.

The writing process creates an opportunity to express feelings, release anger and frustration, enhances understanding of personal issues and helps to solve problems. The act of writing helps to nurture thoughts and taps into the unconscious mind, naturally relieving stress and providing clarity of what is most important in one's life. Writing helps the student work through challenges and increases awareness of their thoughts and emotions. Writing helps to prioritize values for good decision-making and quality of life, serving as an aid to connecting causes to effects.

Students are encouraged to engage in creative writing activities, draw upon their personal experiences to provide a basis for future goals and dreams lending an opportunity to brainstorm actions needed to succeed in life. Poetry, song writing and a variety of literary genres are studied and explored, along with relevant authors, books, movies, songs and musicians.

A general theme of social issues and justice are encouraged with a focus on peace in our communities. Students are encouraged to acknowledge the problems as they see them and then visualize the possible solutions, engaging them in critical thinking, avenues of learning, creative thinking and use of intuition.

The Write Connection helps each participant to relate to others, the world around them and their community. It serves to instill confidence, building self-esteem, improving self-control, developing empathy and compassion while increasing their academic abilities as well. It teaches and improves communication skills and conflict resolution skills.

The Write Connection program is a platform for incorporating other programs and projects, offering increased opportunities to engage more individuals in the foundation's primary mission to build safer, more tolerant communities, enhancing unity among each other.

Other programs that are easily coordinated with this one and enhances the overall Where's the Peace? effort are the Peace Pursuit Music Project, Conversation Peace and G.O.A.L.S. The Write Connection serves as an educational tool as well for adult GED classes.

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